SHO Productions


Wedding and Event Bands

SHO Productions is your source for CT’s best wedding and event bands.  Live music adds special energy to just about any event.  Our bands will turn your wedding, party or event into something unique and memorable.  We’ll have you and your guests dancing all night long.  We can also provide music for your ceremony, cocktail hour or dinner.  All of our groups use professional sound equipment and/or lighting.  A band member can also act as emcee for you and handle announcements and help guide your flow of events.  Each group can spin music of your choice during breaks so there’s never any downtime.  Contact us for more info. or to answer any questions you might have.

crystalformalsmaller3                times square group photo                wedding and event bands

Radio Waves                                                                           Times Square                                                             Steppin’ Out


Dance and Show Bands

In addition to wedding and event bands, we book some of CT’s best dance and show bands.  Whether you’d like to dance all night long or just sit back and enjoy the show, we have bands that will take your event to the next level.  It could be a particular theme or era of music that you’re looking for.  Or a group with a particular look or presentation.  We have a variety of options.  All groups are experienced and professional, and all come self-contained with professional sound system and/or lighting.  Contact us with any questions or requests.

disco review live            Small           17200879_1851678035120898_8757572723143598162_n

Dyn-O-Myte Disco Review                                               The Glamour Girls                                                           The Priceless Band


new face value group photo small                      uptowngroupsmalleredit                       instruments-high-res-rgb

Face Value                                                                                   Uptown Transit                                                           Jus Us


Rock Bands

SHO Productions also books some really great rock bands that are based here in CT as well.  Each plays a great mix of material with its unique emphasis on different artists and eras.  Some groups feature more classic rock while others emphasize modern rock.  Some have a balance of the two.  In either case, these bands really know how to perform and can really rock your party to another level!  Contact us now for more info. and a free price quote!

newest photo                           maxxtone-bio-pic                         martin-kelly-band

Mixed Signals                                                                                     Maxxtone                                                             Martin Kelly Band


Group pic with logo

Vinyl Revolution


Tribute Bands

We offer some of the best and most authentic tribute acts in CT and western MA.  Our tribute artists put a lot of hard work into making each performance as close to the original artist as possible.  Our groups capture the essence and nuance of the artists they represent with a high level of professional authenticity.  Our tributes will make you think the original artist is performing on stage.  Perfect for both private and public events.  Contact us any time with any questions or to receive a free quote!

johnlogo1                     cash-is-king-8                   one

The Sounds of Frank                                               Cash is King                                                                                                              Ticket to Ride


Country Bands

Whether you’re interested in old or new country, original or cover–or a combination of the two–we’ve got the right group or performer for you.  Our country artists really know how to perform, and are guaranteed to entertain guests and attendees of all ages.  Based in CT and MA, our country acts have performed regionally and also in Nashville.  Contact us any time for a free quote for your concert or event!

Promo Photo Jeffrey J                               hcp_tst_5473_fx-2                      head shot

Jeff Mainville Band                                                      Truck Stop Troubadors                                                                            Frankie Justin Lamprey


 Jeff 1

   Ruckus Country Trio



Specialty Groups

SHO Productions can provide you with just about any type of specialty act.  Here you’ll see examples of some of the groups we offer…and we have lot of others as well.  Regardless of the theme of your next event, we’ll provide you with a talented and professional group or artist that plays just the right mix of music for you.  Contact us any time for a free, no-obligation quote!

new_shot_with_bert_copy                       phil-2                            goza_high_res_color_small

The Tribunes (doo wop)                                                              Steel Accent (Caribbean)                                                   Goza (Latin)


fiestaimage01                           download                          bmw-1

Fiesta del Norte (Mariachi band)                                         Dr. Ya Ya’s (Mardi Gras)                                   Bkshre Mtn. Wanderers (German) 



White Eyed Lizard (Caribbean)


Solo  and Duo Artists

We also book some of the best solo and duo artists based in the CT and MA area.  Our performers are extremely talented and experienced, and many have performed with nationally known artists.  From jazz to soul to pop to rock to classical…..vocal vs. instrumental (or both)….. we have just the right performer for you!   Contact us any time for a free quote for your next event!

myke-ross-photo-small                                      photo-1                                martin-kelly-current

Myke Ross                                                                          Scott Lawson Pomeroy                                            Martin Kelly


steve-m-solo-2                       artie_solo                            amanda-sullivan

Steve McGrath                                                                                 Derek Monahan                                                   Amanda Sullivan


keith and J.H.                    langley-bros                         14045695_1226859367364864_5948885964914412314_n

Keith and John Duo                                                                               The Langley Brothers                                                          The Big Ideas


Jim and Mark photo2                                      Fred                                  Billy Megofna pic

Jim and Mark Duo                                                               Fred Marion                                                                           Billy Megofna, Jr.